Our wind load calculations for windows ensure the safety and durability of your building envelope. We provide analysis to help you select the most suitable windows, taking into account the wind pressures they may experience during high-wind events.

white and brown concrete building during daytime
white and brown concrete building during daytime
  1. Site-Specific Wind Load Calculations by Licensed PEs: We provide customized wind load calculations tailored to your project location, ensuring that our wind-resistant building components recommendations are up-to-code and meet the requirements for your specific state or region.

  2. Optimal Product Specification: We analyze various factors, such as use, functionality, and weather conditions, to recommend the most appropriate products and designs for your project. Our recommendations focus on durability, stability, and weather resistance to protect your building components from high winds and extreme weather.

  3. Versatile & Adaptable Designs: Our wind engineering calculations accommodate single or multiple building components of any height or width and can be implemented on your structure. We engineer our designs with adjustable height and spacing options to perfectly align with your project requirements, ensuring optimal load distribution and thermal expansion.

  4. Rooftop Integrity Preservation: Our building components recommendations prioritize maintaining the integrity of your structure. We focus on minimizing punctures and penetrations during the installation process and specifying products that evenly distribute weight, reducing the risk of sagging, cracking, or tearing due to high winds or other environmental factors.

  5. Compliance with Building Codes and OSHA Guidelines: Our wind engineering services ensure that your building components adhere to local building codes and OSHA guidelines, keeping your building compliant and your maintenance professionals safe while working on the structure.

Trust for your building components wind engineering calculations, and rest assured that you are specifying the most suitable products for your project's unique requirements. Our expertise in wind-resistant design will help you safeguard your doors, windows, and cladding and ensure compliance with state and local building codes. Explore our portfolio to see how our wind engineering capabilities can strengthen your building components and keep your building secure in high wind conditions.

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We offer wind engineering services for doors, ensuring that your building entrances remain secure and functional under high-wind conditions. Our calculations help you choose the most appropriate door systems to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your building's occupants.

brown wooden armchair near glass window
brown wooden armchair near glass window
Components & Cladding
low angle photography of high rise building
low angle photography of high rise building

Components and cladding refer to the exterior elements of a building that protect it from the elements, such as architectural facade cladding panels, siding, roofing materials, and more. Our wind load analysis for components and cladding helps you select the most appropriate materials and designs for your project, ensuring they can withstand high winds and extreme weather.